Lifestyle photography for businesses

Corporate headshots

As corporate photographers working on-site in Barcelona, we understand that you have limited time. We travel to your business with a professional photography team and portable studio lights. This way, we can photograph your entire staff in a single day without causing any disruptions. We organize a LinkedIn photo session at your office where all team members receive professional corporate portraits you can use for your website and social media.

If you prefer, we also offer corporate portraits outdoors with natural light, as well as group portraits.

Lifestyle photography

What is lifestyle photography? Lifestyle photography translates as everyday photography, casual photography, or lifestyle photography. In the business realm, we capture your day-to-day work life without interrupting you; meetings, how you create or design your product, facility photography… The photos can be candid or staged: in any case, they will always appear spontaneous, natural, and fresh. This type of photography enhances the credibility of your business, showcasing you as human and approachable, and it’s also one of the best strategies for gaining followers on Instagram in 2023, or on any social media platform, such as Facebook, TikTok, or LinkedIn. Additionally, it can help improve your Google ranking!


We film and edit events, presentations, recording of brand events, courses, and seminars. We create promotional videos for your product and videos for social media. Additionally, we advise you throughout the process; we are creative and love to brainstorm!

Social media content


We are designers and copywriters. We add design and text to the photos and videos we create for your business and produce ads and posts for Facebook, Instagram, website headers, images for catalogs, or online stores… Whatever you need, we tailor it to your needs and style.

Our posts are optimized for every platform  and are SEO-friendly.

Video presentation

Leading-edge companies are increasingly choosing to showcase a video explaining what they do, how they do it, and what their values are.

It’s a direct, honest, and effective format that emotionally connects with potential customers.

It’s a documentary interview style where we help you showcase your values and your specific value in the market. It’s a popular choice for psychologists, dentists, physiotherapists, dietitians, personal trainers…

product photography

Choose between white background, white background with reflection, creative product photography, or product photo with a model.

We deliver the photographs in digital format optimized for web, eCommerce, and online catalogs.

Client©KUPO (Taiwan)


1. Photograph various products of the brand in use within a photography studio, with a female model, highlighting the wooden boxes.

2. Create Instagram posts naming each item in Swedish.

3. Photograph wooden boxes with a white background, without shadow, and create PNG files for the online store.

Audience: Scandinavian market. Photographers and videographers aged between 25 and 45 working in a studio.

product photography


Holga 120CNF càmeras

Client: Lomography (Hong Kong)

Commission: Product photography with a white background for the online store of Holga reflex cameras. Models 120CNF (in the image), 135BC, and 120TS twin.

Audience: Creative young people aged 13 to 25, whether beginners or experienced in photography.

cotton photography backdrops

Client: Kaffebrus (Sweden)

Commission: Create a product video for Instagram and Facebook ads showcasing the brand’s new range of photography backgrounds. Soft cotton backgrounds in seasonal colors.

Requirements: Stop-motion video. Duration of 5 seconds.

Audience: European photographers, filmmakers, and content creators aged between 15 and 35.

photography accesories from Ulanzi

Client: Ulanzi (China)

Commission: Create flat lay photography for social media showcasing the brand’s best-selling products, with a black background. Photograph white products on a white background for the online store.

Requirements: Flat lay product photography with a black background. Product photography on a white background, without shadows, showing the product in use with a phone.

Audience: Young amateur and professional photographers, influencers, and content creators interested in design and trends.

blackmagic camera rig

Client: Smallrig (China)

Commission: Product photography with a model and white background for use on social media and online store.

Requirements: Product photography with a male model in a studio using his camera, and a photograph of the model’s hand holding the product. White background. Minimalistic.

Audience: European video creators aged 25 to 45.

What makes a good product photograph? A good product photograph is optimized for the platform where it will be displayed: for instance, Amazon has specific requirements regarding size, framing, and background that do not necessarily align with the standards of Facebook ads or Instagram. There are several types of product photography: neutral background photography – usually white – to clearly showcase the product and its details. Product lifestyle photography shows the product in a context where it could be used; for example, a mug held by a smiling model while enjoying the morning coffee. Creative product photography uses colored backgrounds or settings, showcasing the product in an artistic composition that not only displays the product but also conveys the brand’s style, values, and appeals to its target demographic. These photos are primarily used in advertising campaigns; for example, natural beauty products photographed with earth tones and natural elements around them, such as rocks, flowers, or tree bark.

Moreover, if the photograph is original, the potential customer spends a few extra seconds observing it, saves it as inspiration on social media, and may even share it. These actions increase the visibility of your Instagram page or account, thereby promoting your brand exposure and improving sales.

Wondering how to choose a good photographer for your business? A good photographer will ask you which platform you want to use your photos on, in order to optimize them. They will be interested in the values that are important to you, your preferences, and will work with you to create images that you will be proud to showcase. These images will effectively present your product or service in the best possible way.